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JOURNEY - Everest Base Camp

JOURNEY - Everest Base Camp

JOURNEY - Everest Base Camp

About JOURNEY - Everest Base Camp

In this new podcast from Brevity Studios, Ryan Wolf embarks on one of the world's most difficult treks. The two-week journey to Mt Everest Base Camp, in the Himalayas in Nepal. This podcast features immersive sound, recorded on location, when listened through headphones you'll feel like you're really there. Like any adventure this wasn't without it's challenges, expect to hear everything. The good, the bad and the ugly, with audio recorded by Ryan on location, specifically for this podcast.

Follow Journey today to make sure you're notified of the release of Episode One. Episodes will then be released weekly until the conclusion of the series. Apple+ Subscribers will get exclusive early access, ad free listening and bonus episodes that you don't want to miss. Episode one will be released FREE for all listeners on April 5th, then weekly until the end of the season.

If you're planning the Two Week Trek to Mt Everest, then this podcast is a MUST listen.

Ryan used the following accommodation and trekking company (this was not sponsored) and highly recommends:

Accomodation in Thamel, Kathmandu

The Shangri La Boutique Hotel (fantastic host and perfect location, please tell Keshab Ryan sent you).


Ryan trekked with guide Nirajan, provided by Travelmakers, who also operate out of the Shangri La Boutique.

+977 984 123 5937



For the best food and service Ryan highly recommends Gaia Restaurant (right next door to the Shangri La Boutique).

Instagram: ryanwolfnz

TikTok: ryanwolfnz

Nirajan my guide's instagram: nirajanphuyalm10

For any questions about this podcast, or this trek you can email:


Aside from the cover artwork, this podcast was created 100% without the use of AI.

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