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Judging Freedom

Kevin DeMeritt: Digital Currency - What you should know.

Judging Freedom
Judging Freedom

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left in its wake an economic turbulence of unprecedented proportions. The aftershocks are felt across the global economic landscape, shaping the future of money, labor markets, and government strategies. The focus is shifting towards digital economies and their inherent complexities. This shift presents new challenges, particularly regarding privacy in a potentially cashless society. Amidst these uncertainties, could gold prove to be the ultimate safety net for your financial assets?

Kevin DeMeritt, the brains behind Lear Capital, lends his expertise to this episode "Navigating the Economic Aftershocks: Pandemic, Digital Currency, and the Value of Gold." DeMeritt dissects the labor market issues triggered by the pandemic's aftershocks, highlighting the ripple effects of rising interest rates and the implications of the government's six-month debt rollover on the economy's equilibrium. As we delve into the digital economy, the conversation takes an intriguing turn toward the mechanics of digital wallets and the potential loss of privacy in a cashless society. The discussion further delves into the consequences of a government-run digital currency, with former Fox colleague Monica Crowley contributing her perspective. The digital currency debate is a complex one, with government-run digital currencies promising convenience and efficiency but potentially undermining privacy. If every transaction becomes trackable and the government gains the power to control digital currency, what happens to individual privacy?

As Crowley rightly points out, your money essentially becomes a software, a number in a program that the government, and possibly your political opponents, can access. In this digital era, where does gold fit in? As a finite resource, gold's value remains steady despite economic upheavals. DeMeritt sheds light on the correlation between the US debt and the price of gold, providing an insightful perspective on why precious metals could be a secure, safe, and private way to protect your assets against government overreach.

The episode wraps up with a bold prediction about the future price of gold, based on the debt-to-gold price correlation. The compelling case for investing in precious metals as a hedge against economic instability underscores the importance of diversifying one's investment portfolio in these turbulent times. As we navigate these tumultuous economic seas, the need for a sound monetary strategy has never been more crucial. Whether you're intrigued by the digital economy or prefer the security of gold, the key lies in understanding the shifting economic landscapes and making informed decisions to protect and grow your assets.

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Judging Freedom
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