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Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Britney’s Nudes, Rent a Boyfriend and Bob Saget With Sarah Colonna


Comedian Sarah Colonna is back and we discuss the shocking news that Bob Saget died in his hotel room after he posted about how well his stand up show had gone. Then we bring Peter in so Sarah can confront him about clogging her toilet two years in a row. The Golden Globes happened and if it weren't for Juicy Scoop, you would have no idea. And Just Like That is recycling it’s guest stars. Kanye is still dressing up his girlfriends as dolls and his latest was a Kardashian superfan. Britney is freer than ever! Joe Millionaire is back but with a twist. Heather tells you how to rent a boyfriend and a former reality star is making the most of her trips to the toilet.

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