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20 - Shannon Tripp, ER nurse, empowering parents to help children through illness and injury.


Shannon Tripp, RN, is passionate about motherhood and the pursuit of a natural, holistic living approach. Working as a pediatric ER nurse for 10 years gives Shannon a unique perspective at home with her own family. She truly believes the greatest joys in life come through intentional motherhood. Dedicating her time to educating mothers on how to keep their children happy and healthy through illness and injury, Shannon teaches both through prevention and action steps. Through her work, mothers gain the confidence and tools to know that they are innately capable of keeping their babies safe and healthy. Shannon is proud of the launch of her new online course “Mastering Medical Emergencies at Home,” a comprehensive course for caretakers who want to feel more confident in caring for their little ones. This course, already well received by thousands around the world, allows parents to become more confident and knowledgeable to care for their children at home.

In today’s episode, Shannon teaches the 5 most important things that parents can do to raise healthy kids and gives tips to accomplishing each one. She goes into detail on how to best help kids with eczema, advantages/disadvantages of steroid creams, and how to best help them heal with home remedies. Shannon further discusses how to treat sick kids, and what to do in instances such as choking or CPR, while empowering moms with the knowledge she shares.

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by Just Ingredients