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21 - Dr. Kathy Yeo, detoxing and the role of EMF's on our health


Dr. Kathy is a board-certified holistic practitioner, and an environmentalist. For the past 15 years, her expertise has been in personalized detoxification. With a long lineage of physicians, Dr. Kathy has been deeply involved in natural healing since a child. Her greatest mentor is her grandmother who was the first female medical doctor in Korea.

After seeing various autoimmune and chronic illnesses, Dr. Kathy realized the environment was the primary determinant of health. In 2018, she sold her practice with a mission to bridge the gap between humanity and nature. Her special interest is in healing with frequencies and vibrations. In order to get to the root cause, she believes that one must look at health in terms of energy. While Dr. Kathy continues to provide biochemical support, she also incorporates bioresonance testing, biofeedback, sound therapy, and ancient wisdom. As a result, her approach to health is highly personalized and integrative. In addition to her online clinic, Dr. Kathy is involved in various projects including permaculture, indigenous science, and ocean plastic pollution research.

In today’s episode, Dr. Kathy Yeo shares all the details of detoxification- what it is, why it is important, and how to do it. We dive into the dangers of EMF, including how to protect ourselves and how to detox from them. Dr. Kathy further details the dangers of glyphosate and mold, and how we can best support our bodies during our detox.

Scalar Technology Program: Dr. Kathy integrates functional medicine, ancient wisdom, and the most cutting-edge bioenergetic treatment called Scalar Technology Program. The program consists of bioresonance testing, biofeedback, and sound therapy. By measuring energetic signals from DNA, individualized remedies are generated to treat the root causes of illness. With EMF being a growing health factor, Dr. Kathy believes that healing with frequencies and vibrations is a powerful tool for chronic illnesses. If you are interested in her Scalar Technology Program, save $500 using my code: JUSTINGREDIENTS.

Instagram: @drkathyyeo
Website: https://www.drkathyyeo.com/
Scalar Technology Program: https://www.drkathyyeo.com/scalar-technology-sessions

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by Just Ingredients