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24 - Dr. Jess, MD - parasites and mold: how they can contribute to many common health issue


Dr. Jess is a board certified internal medicine hospitalist. She has since left to chase root cause answers for her patients.

After training in Gerson therapy, ozone and at the Institute for Functional Medicine, she became an outspoken advocate for informed consent and patient education. She is so much happier helping patients heal from diseases they were told were irreversible life sentences. And she realized that wellness is NOT too difficult for the layperson to fully comprehend.

As a functional medicine doctor, her one on one consults helped thousands of people. But after accruing a year long waitlist and repeating herself on most consults, she began to realize that she could help so many more people in a group setting and with a unique platform.

Dr. Jess teaches that the root cause of disease is usually not just one thing, but a combination of environmental toxicities and pathogens. While her teachings and programs have been successful even with the most difficult of patients, health is ultimately in your hands. Her goal is to make you confident, vibrant, and healthier in mind, body, and spirit through education.

In today’s episode, Dr. Jess and I discuss mold and parasites. She teaches what the symptoms of mold toxicity are, how to find mold in the home, and how mold can cause or exacerbate many conditions including depression/anxiety, SIDS, infertility, autommunity, asthma-like symptoms, food allergies, and Lupus.

Having treated many patients with parasitic infections, Dr. Jess shares her knowledge on how to not only recognize a parasitic infection, but how to take action to prevent infection.

Instagram: @dr.jess.md
Website: https://drjessmd.com/
Wellness Plus: https://app.drjessmd.com/
Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/DoctorJessMD

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by Just Ingredients