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25- Eden Lee- Mom of 4 Young Children Trying to Live a Nontoxic Lifestyle


Eden Lee is a mom of four kids under the age of seven with a passion for holistic living. Raising young children in a non-toxic home is no easy feat, so she shares tips and tricks with her followers on Instagram including topics like cooking, cleaning, and play. When her youngest daughter suffered a seizure last Christmas, Eden came to learn that even though she was doing everything right for her children, some things are just out of our control. She shares tips to break through parenting guilt and finding hope in times of discouragement and frustration.

In today’s episode, Eden shares her tips on raising young kids in a nontoxic household. We discuss healthy meals, budget, and routine. From her experience of her daughter having a seizure last Christmas, Eden shares how to cope with feelings of discouragement and helplessness as a parent.

Instagram: @loverlees

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by Just Ingredients