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K3 KDrama Coffee Break

YUMI'S CELLS | Why We Loved Season 1 & Our Hopes for Season 2


It's time to Take a Kdrama Coffee Break with The K3 all about YUMI'S CELLS 🥰
We were obsessed when this Kdrama premiered and even though our hearts were broken in the end it's still one of our ALL TIME FAVORITES. The powerful chemistry of KIM GO EUN & AHN BO HYUN had us rooting for them to be end game...alas that is not this story 😭 But thankfully we had each of their CELL TEAMS to help us navigate and understand the situation better and with a ridiculous amount of humor!!

This week we dive in and talk our love of this fantastically fun and heartfelt drama, the level of our obsession for Yumi & Woong and what we think about Season 2 & even 3...!

So grab your 'coffee' and take a kdrama coffee break with us!

YUMI'S CELLS Voice Over Actors Video

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