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Kane and Feels: Day Trippers



Kane and Feels crack the case. Elsewhere, things come to a head.

Why do I feel a sense of overwhelming sadness? Why did the spiders come for me? Why do i feel I've done this before? Why is she wearing a victorian maid outfit? Why did no one appreciate her cooking?

The cast in order of Appearance:

Jack Fitzpatrick - Lucifer Kane
Oliver Morris - Brutus Feels
Ali Cambell - Jeanine
Beth Eyre - The Thornbush Princess
Greg Lass - Bossman
George Ofori Addo - Riz
Sarah Golding - Chippie
Mean Mark Waylett - The Yawning Man
Viviana Padiglia - Libertina
Umnia El Neil - Ishani
Dave Pickering - Councilman Grace

Written by Jack FItzpatrick and Oliver Morris
Directed by Jude Hodgeson Hann
Composition by Oliver Morris
Sound design was by Jude Hodgson Hann and Oliver Morris and
Kane and Feels is a Skadi’s Symphony Production.

Content Warning:

Drug Use, including alcohol and marijuana.
Gruseome Death/Gore
Self Mutilation/Self Harm
Food Reference
Loud Noises
Depictions of Witchcraft.
Themes of Post Traumatic Stress.

Kane and Feels is a Skadi’s Symphony Production.