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Andrew Magrini Explains the Future of Wizards Marketing - Ep 407


Let’s welcome MTG aficionado, and marketing professional, Andrew Magrini to the show.
In this episode, Andrew and I are going to discuss the possible marketing direction that Wizards of the Coast is heading in.
Andrew noticed an interesting press release from the Martin Agency, a big time ad agency that handles big time clients.
The MTG community has been vocal at times about where Wizards is taking the game, and there has also been a lot of speculation about the future of Magic.
For the past 4 seasons all of my guests have talked about Magic’s future as a digital game.
Andrew and I put on our ad agency and marketing tin foil hats to break it down for you.
This has been a fascinating topic for some time now. And since this interview was recorded a little bit ago, it’s interesting to see some of our predictions solidify as Wizards rolls out it’s strategy.
If you’d like to ask Andrew questions or continue the convo on Twitter he’s @A_Magrini
I hope you enjoy my conversation with Andrew Magrini.

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