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Ian Dixon Wants You To Mod A Stream - Ep 408


The moderator of moderators, the Modfather, the God Mod, the one who wields the sword, Ian Dixon joins us to talk all about stream chat moderation.

Ian has been moderating online communities early on, when Twitch was Justin TV and even before that when stuff was streamed on UStream with IRC chats.

Ian established himself early on and was invited to moderate for Loading Ready Run.

One gig lead to another and after a decade of timing ppl out, Ian has now created an entire network of moderators sharing and learning from each other.

Much thanks to Ian for joining the show to share his knowledge and experience with us.

There are many streamers looking for moderators, so if you love hanging out on streams, and you care about growing communities, consider becoming a moderator.

Ian is always available to share his knowledge. You can reach out to him on Twitter @DixonIJ

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