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Labour's Plan For Power

Fixing the North-South Divide

Labour's Plan For Power
Labour's Plan For Power

“Labour’s Plan For Power: Fixing The North-South Divide” is the third episode of a special new i podcast series looking at what Sir Keir Starmer’s party would do differently if it wins the next election.

Hosted by Paul Waugh, i‘s chief political commentator, this is a four-part series that also covers the economy, Brexit and the NHS.

Andy Burnham, the Metro Mayor for Greater Manchester, tells us: “I keep saying the North-South divide is no accident. It's the product of UK national policy over many decades under many governments. And we either decide to change it or we don't.”

But former Business Secretary Peter Mandelson warns Keir Starmer’s plan to take power from Whitehall and give it to local areas could undermine his own “five missions” for a Labour government.

And Angela Rayner reveals how her own experience as a care worker and trade unionist convinced her of the need to devolve as much power as possible. “When people feel they have control over what they're trying to achieve, they own it. You just got to give people a little bit more empowerment. And it's surprising how well that can pay off.”

Produced and edited by Julia Webster.

Music featured is composed by Slicebeats, Coma Media, Daddy_s_Music and AKTASOK, licensed via Pixabay. 

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Labour's Plan For Power
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