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Labour's Plan For Power

The Economy

Labour's Plan For Power
Labour's Plan For Power

Labour’s Plan For Power: The Economy is the first episode of a special new i podcast series looking at what Sir Keir Starmer’s party would do differently if it wins the next election.

Hosted by Paul Waugh, i's chief political commentator, this is the first of a four-part series that will also cover the NHS, Brexit and the North-South divide.

Ken Clarke reveals why he thinks Rachel Reeves’ “responsible approach” to public finances would be “reassuring” if Labour won power. 

Peter Mandelson warns any new tax rises would deter business at home and abroad. Ed Balls explains why Labour adopted Tory spending limits in 1997. John McDonnell spells out the danger of not spending or taxing enough. 

And Rachel Reeves tells us just what it would mean to be Britain’s first female chancellor - and why Labour is “on the cusp of achieving something remarkable” at the next election.

Produced by Albert Evans and edited by Julia Webster.

Music featured is composed by Slicebeats, Grand Project, Coma Media and AKTASOK, licensed via Pixabay. 

Check out their music in the links below. 





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Labour's Plan For Power
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