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Labour's Plan For Power

The NHS and your health

Labour's Plan For Power
Labour's Plan For Power

Labour’s Plan For Power: The NHS and Your Health is the second episode of a special new i podcast series looking at what Sir Keir Starmer’s party would do differently if it wins the next election. Hosted by Paul Waugh, i’s chief political commentator, this is a four-part series that also covers the economy, Brexit and the North-South divide.

The Royal College of Nursing tells us that it is ready to go on strike again if a Labour government fails to deliver on pay and staff shortages. 

Former Labour Health Secretary Alan Milburn warns that it is “unacceptable” for senior doctors to take industrial action and urges Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting to make that is “bottom line”.

And Streeting himself says that he will stand up for patients against “vested interests” of trade unions and others who oppose NHS reform. With former Health Secretary Andy Burnham and an array of health experts we also discuss funding pressures, the role of the private sector, waiting lists, GP access and social care.

Produced and edited by Julia Webster.

Music featured is composed by Slicebeats, Coma Media, Daddy_s_Music and AKTASOK, licensed via Pixabay. 

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Labour's Plan For Power
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