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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

Manifesturbation™ [Listener Favourite]

Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

Want to explore what it means to create your life through pleasure? Enter Manifesturbation™.

We are all about manifesturbating right now, which is why we decided to bring our Manifesturbation™ episode back!

Manifesturbation™, the act of using your sexual energy to create the life you desire, helps you to stop thinking, attune to yourself, become more clear on what you truly want, and align to a bigger vision. You connect to yourself and your pleasure and then have it all arrive in your body.

It's just a totally joyous process of making the life you desire. And isn't that the ultimate way to create the life that you want?

When this episode originally came out in June of 2021, our podcast had gone live only a few months prior. And this was before we manifested our way to huge press and two projects we’d been dreaming about.

So here we are 50+ episodes later, having co-created our own dreams through this practice (and continuing to do so), and have already helped hundreds of other people do the same, just in the last few months!

Grab your headset, tune in, and get ready to go back in time and hear our first big share around Manifesturbation™ and how you, too, can create the life you desire through pleasure.

P.S. If this is tickling you and you want to unlock your sexual energy and create your life through pleasure instead of struggle, make sure to get on the waitlist for Lacey’s Manifesturbation™ Activations at laceyhaynes.com/manifest.

Get all the juicy episode notes at laceyandflynn.com/podcast/63-manifesturbation

Interested in unlocking your sexual energy and creating your life through pleasure instead of struggle? Get on the waitlist for Lacey’s Manifesturbation™ Activations at laceyhaynes.com/manifest.

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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
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