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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

The big argument: Lacey wants Flynn to lead

Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

Today’s episode is a big one.

It’s not what we had planned, but we’re sharing this process, this big emotional release and open communication, to help bring you to the point of your own discovery.

This is us working through one of the biggest pains in our lives and something that needed to happen. Hopefully, there'll be moments in this episode that you really relate to and give you insight into what's happening in your own life and your own relationships.

In this episode, we talk about why Lacey feels like she’s in charge of almost everything and how she doesn’t feel fully understood, how Flynn has been feeling uninspired and partially checked out, and some textbook masculine-feminine polarity. We also come to some realizations about this period of transition that we’re in and new ways to support each other.

It's powerful. It's emotional. It's intense. And it's also full of love (and sealed with a kiss).

So, grab your headset, tune in, and get ready to hear a conversation that’s been a long time coming.

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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
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