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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

The Yeti story and Lacey's vulnerability hangover

Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

A rare silver Yeti lived in the deepest part of the forest. She was magical and creative, but she was very big, and all of the other creatures were scared of her and couldn't reconcile how tender she was with her brutish appearance…

Not knowing that this would turn into the episode that it did, we start today with a very special and magical bedtime story that turned out to be so much more.

We explore the true meaning behind Lacey’s bedtime story, her recent experience that has left her with a vulnerability hangover, and feeling misunderstood (and how to handle it).

Because though we both feel truly called to do this work, the truth is that it takes a lot of strength to hold the unknown and do what feels right. But it is also true that we never know with certainty what’s going to happen, and that can stir up a lot of emotions and raise many fear-based questions. So in today’s episode, we dive into all of this and more.

Grab your headset, tune in, and find out if, in reality, Lacey is the true silver Yeti.

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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
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