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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

We just had sex [Listener Favourite]

Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
Lacey & Flynn Have Sex

Today, we’re bringing back the first-ever (and the most popular by far) episode of Lacey & Flynn Have Sex: We just had sex. So many people have listened to and responded to this episode so well; how could we not share it again?

When we made this episode, we had basically just decided to create a podcast. We were going to have sex, then talk about it on air and blow people’s minds. But that didn’t feel right because it wouldn't actually be showing the truth and the rawness of the whole experience.

So, we decided to record ourselves having sex and being really honest and vocal about the entire process.

We've since reached millions of people worldwide and showed them that once you feel free and confident in your sexuality, that impacts all parts of your life. And in this episode, we’re showing you what real sex is like as a married couple, how to reconnect with your partner when sex is interrupted, and how to receive love and soften into receiving when you’re feeling agitated by life or in a busy headspace.

Now, if you've listened to this episode before, you should listen again, especially if you've been on this journey with us, because we are totally different people in terms of how we show up.

And if you've just arrived, welcome! Listen to this. If you feel uncomfortable, that's completely normal. Go and listen to another episode. And another one. Keep showing up. Try them on. And see what you learn.

So, grab your headset, tune in, and get ready to learn how to heal, thrive and elevate the hell out of your sex!

Get all the juicy episode notes at laceyandflynn.com/podcast/57-episode1

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Lacey & Flynn Have Sex
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