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Leanne Ward Nutrition

110. Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy with Dietitian Leslee Flannery

Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward Nutrition

Today I chat with Leslee Flannery, a registered dietitian in the USA and a certified lactation counsellor who specialises in gestational diabetes nutrition coaching.

Leslee has been working with pregnant mums for the past 8 years and loves helping women advocate for themselves and their babies.

In today’s episode, Leslee and I discuss what gestational diabetes is and who is most at risk. We chat about the stigma attached to gestational diabetes, how we get diagnosed with it and what happens if we don’t control it. We talk about medications, carbs, nutrition tips and how mums can lower their blood sugar levels.

You can find out more about Leslee on her Instagram.


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Leanne Ward Nutrition
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