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Learning Tech Talks

Experimental Learning with Filament Games

Does anyone think that it’s time to slowly retire the buzzword “Gamification” from the L&D industry?  

Just to clarify, I’ve used this term liberally to describe organizations providing creative digital solutions in the enterprise learning space.  

There are some fantastic products, AND some not so fantastic. Organizations that have created a sustainable competitive advantage are ones that don’t focus too heavily on virtual Band-Aids, but create a continual experimental, multiplatform solution to continually move forward and  produce results.  

Effective progress comes from a change in our language to describe what is in front of us and not the same thing in a  repetitive echo chamber.  

In this Learning Tech Talks, I’m joined by Dan White from Filament Games to talk about the value of staying curious as an educational game developer and how to create playful experiences that improve people’s lives and delivery through whatever medium is best.

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Learning Tech Talks


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