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L&D Skills for Today and Tomorrow (Solo Episode)

Just because we work in the field of skills doesn’t mean we’re immune from having to develop our next generation of skills. If anything, there’s an even greater need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure we can keep pace with the rest of the organization.

A quick Google search demonstrates there’s no shortage of blogs,  research articles, and graphics highlighting what skills we and others believe need to be developed.

Unfortunately, too few provide broader context around the need to change and the barriers often contributing to the lack of desire for change.

There’s also a particular nuance to what those new skills may look like depending on the role within an L&D function. After all, an  L&D professional isn’t universal. There’s a diverse portfolio of roles within the ever-expanding L&D function.

In this Learning Tech Talks, I’m flying solo to talk about how the significant changes to business and technology directly impact our work and how those changes translate to the need to grow and evolve our existing skills. I’ll also address directly how some of the changes can be perceived as threats but better leverage the higher-order skills we enjoy.

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Learning Tech Talks


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