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by Jo Anne Sukumaran
Legends of Reed

Episode 10: Jeffrey Lyman


Jeffrey Lyman is Professor of Bassoon at the University of Michigan. has established himself as one of the premier performers, teachers, and historians of the bassoon in the U.S.   He coordinates two popular YouTube channels: one with more than 160 live recordings of Lyman and his students at the University of Michigan, and the other featuring trios and duos for oboe, bassoon and piano with Nancy Ambrose King and Martin Katz.  On this episode, I find out how  · Jeffrey maintains such an exciting & diverse and bassoon studio.  · We talk about one of his students - Euceph Yousef El-Magharbel who makes cool, bassoon funk videos. His recommendations for unique composers.  · The weirdest places he has ever performed and practiced in. · The most important career advice he has ever received. · We discuss should musicians (ever) accept non-paying gigs for exposure. · How can one deal with naysayers and detractors as a musician, for e.g. internet trolls?  · How to commission a composer as a musician · If he could sum up your life in a book title, what would it be? · Some of his upcoming projects  · What he likes to do in his free time and hobbies. To find out more about him, please visit: http://www.jefflymanbassoon.com If you have enjoyed this podcast, please consider supporting me on Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/jewelair


Episode 10

by Jo Anne Sukumaran