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by Jo Anne Sukumaran
Legends of Reed

Episode 11: Kristian Oma Rønnes


Kristian is a young and accomplished Norwegian Composer & Bassoonist.  He is currently Principal Bassoon at The Baltic Opera in Poland since 2018. He studied bassoon with Robert Ronnes, Dag Jensen, Ole K. Dahl and Klaus Thunemann. His YouTube channel has been awarded one of top 25 channels in the world and he tirelessly contributes to the bassoon world by his many arrangements, restorations and his research for extended technique, fingerings and his discoveries of unknown works. He became a Moosmann artist at age 26. Quote from interview: “I think that professionalism doesn’t automatically come with winning an audition.” Some topics we discuss: - the current conservatory education system and subjects conservatories Kristian feels conservatories should focus on to help students get a job. - The wide range of career options available now for a musician, besides the orchestral path. - an ideal practicing schedule, the importance of challenging oneself and pushing one against one’s limits.  - The advice he received from Klaus Thunemann on practicing  - Some of his personal audition tips and how to stand out from the crowd. - What motivates him - How we can promote the bassoon - Which composer he would like to have lunch with.  - His interesting story of him playing Rite of Spring for the first time and the surprise guest in the audience.  - His collaboration with Bernd Moosmann to develop the bassoon’s mechanic. To find out more about Kristian, please visit: https://www.kristianomaronnes.com If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please take a moment to rate or subscribe. To help me make better content, please consider supporting the podcast here: https://www.patreon.com/jewelair


Episode 11

by Jo Anne Sukumaran