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by Jo Anne Sukumaran
Legends of Reed

Episode 2: Nadina Mackie Jackson


Solo bassoonist, Nadina Mackie Jackson is the most widely recorded Canadian bassoonist in history with 13 solo albums, 8 chamber music recordings and dozens of albums with symphony, chamber and historical instrument orchestras. A true communicator, she combines her love for images, words and music in many unique concert series.

Nadina speaks about her musical origins, and how she came to become a solo bassoonist. She not only produces her own concerts but she is also a visual artist.

She discusses key topics like the importance of releasing music, fundraising and the importance of having a written contract. She is very mindful of the challenges faced by young bassoonists and explains that obstacles actually test one’s commitment. She also shares on her concert series “Bassoon Out Loud”, “Darwood’s Wild Bassoon”, “Ophelia Speaks”. She established the Council of Canadian Bassoonists to support young Canadian bassoonists and discusses her teaching career. I even find out why she has blue hair!

For more infö, please visit: https://nadinamackiejackson.com/

Support the Council of Canadian Bassoonists: https://www.councilofcanadianbassoonists.ca

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Episode 2

by Jo Anne Sukumaran