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by Jo Anne Sukumaran
Legends of Reed

Episode 3: Special Edition Online lecture feat. Ole K. Dahl with Poznan Bassoon Class


Welcome to a special edition of Legends of Reed.

Big thanks to Kristian Oma Ronnes for this contribution. 

Today I am very glad and grateful to feature a guest contribution from Kristian Oma Ronnes. Together with Arek Adamczyk, they hosted an online lecture on Zoom for bassoon students and graduates from the Music Academy in Poznan. This lecture was chaired by guest speaker Prof. Ole K. Dahl from Muho Mannheim. The subject of this lecture is “How to get the most of your practicing when time is limited”.

These are very difficult and strange times for the arts and artists. 

Working and practicing from home can be challenging and isolating if your neighbours are not fans of practicing. 

 Listen in as Ole gives valuable advice on the value of  maintaining a regular routine and do a compressed version of Drills and he even takes questions from Facebook live. Don’t forget to check out Kristian’s interview with me in Season 1. 

Please stay well and healthy and enjoy the lecture. 


Episode 3

by Jo Anne Sukumaran