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Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! Greek & Roman Mythology Retold

The Bronze Age, Mythic Origins and the Real People Behind Them

Introducing: the Bronze Age Collapse series. Today, grounding ourselves in a world so far removed from the ancient Greece and its mythic history. Friday, we visit Crete and the Minoans. Help keep LTAMB going by subscribing to Liv's Patreon for bonus content!

CW/TW: far too many Greek myths involve assault. Given it's fiction, and typically involves gods and/or monsters, I'm not as deferential as I would be were I referencing the real thing.

Sources: The Landmark Thucydides edited by Robert B. Strassler, translated by Richard Crawley; The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean edited by Eric H. Cline; Rodney Castleden's “Minoans: Life in Bronze Age Crete”; Nicoletta Momigliano's “In Search of the Labyrinth: The Cultural Legacy of Minoan Crete”.

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Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! Greek & Roman Mythology Retold
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