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by BBC Radio 4
Life Changing

A fear of dogs put my freedom at risk


When Jaina Mistry was young she had a very scary encounter with a dog that she thought had given her a lifelong phobia. Her family felt much the same. But years later her freedom would be curtailed in the most basic way as even going out to a café or to the gym became fraught with danger. To help her through this she was encouraged to put all her faith in a dog called Laura. Jaina is believed to be England’s first blind female fitness instructor and told Jane Garvey about the transformative impact Laura has had on her life. To get in touch with the programme, or to share your personal story, you can email us at: lifechanging@bbc.co.uk Image: Jaina Mistry & Laura the dog Credit: Jaina Mistry Twitter: @mistryjaina1 Instagram: mistry_jaina



by BBC Radio 4