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Ask Uncut - Petty grudges and cold feet

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Hey Lifers!

Welcome to therapy Thursday! It's time to unpack your deep and dark dilemmas!

First up today we chat about a girl who had the longest running grudge we've ever heard of. Crazy or correct? We will leave that to you to decide.
We also hear what your most petty acts were.

Vibes for the week:
Laura: Mac face and body and MCo beauty xtend mascara

Britt: Book trilogy - The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Symmons

The questions we unpack this week are:

-I am getting married in 3 weeks! I don’t know if I am getting the normal cold feet to the legit ick. My partner has never been good when comforting me or saying the right things if I am upset. Today I found out our family dog has untreatable cancer and we don’t know how long she has to live. All I wanted to do was tell him everything and have a simple hug and kiss for comfort When I told him about my dog all he said was ‘awww sad’ and then after an awkward silenceI said ‘so what should we have for dinner?’ and then left to shower and cry alone. I know your partner can’t be everything but is it normal to expect comfort and empathy at times like this?

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-I’m 22 and I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years and I love him so much. We live together and have traveled all around together. He truly is my person. The only issue is, he’s starting to go bald both at the back and in front. How do I broach this subject without making him feel bad about it, and to open up the discussion so that he doesn’t feel like I’m attacking his looks?

-Recently my dad gave my sister his car - roughly worth about $20k as he no longer needed the car. My sister is a single mum with a good job earning good money. I have two young children and a husband. When I brought up to my dad that I was a bit hurt that he gave my sister a car and my family didn’t get anything, he told me he didn’t think of the car as money and basically dismissed my feelings as he didn’t see it that way. My question is am I being unreasonable to expect something as well?


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