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Take care of Maya - When Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is Misdiagnosed

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Hey Lifers,
Britt had a big surprise this week and Laura had a wonderful family holiday; except for one part where she said something to a stranger that has made us want the ground to swallow us up!

We unpack the redemption story that the Kardashians are trying to pull off with one of the world's most notorious cheaters Tristan Thompson.
It raised the questions if your sister's or friend's partner cheated on them, and they forgave them, do you have to as well? Do you have to be okay with whatever they decide? Does it depend on the specific situation and what happened with the cheating?

We also discuss the documentary on Netflix "Take Care of Maya" and the court case that resulted in a $211 million payout last week. We speak about Maya's mother being mislabelled as having Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and the tragic outcome for their family that resulted.

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