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The 'Currency' of the Ageing Woman - Uncut with Trinny Woodall

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Today's guest is just so fabulous! It's Trinny Woodall. Trinny Woodal is an extremely successful business woman, entrepreneur, TV presenter, author, podcaster and fashion expert!

Trinny's story is one that would take hours and hours to talk about. At 26 Trinny went to rehab, got clean and started in an entirely new career. At 35 she underwent 16 rounds of IVF. At 53 she started Trinny London. In the last few years she has grown that business into one of the most successful makeup and skincare companies in the world.

We wanted to speak about the belief that a woman's value declines as we age. Society has us so focussed on holding onto our youth, but Trinny is a bit of a juxtaposition to this. She has such a refreshing take what women bring to the table as we age.

You can check out Trinny's website and her Instagram


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