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Life Uncut

The fine line when it comes to injectables, and the intimacy paradox.

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Hey Lifers!
Producer Keeshia is filling in for Britt today!
Today's episode takes a stroll down a few different avenues.

Laura forgot that she had a pap smear and went to have one again... ironically we spoke about it on the podcast the last time Keeshia filled in.

We discuss whether there's a hesitation at the moment for people to be diagnosed with ADHD because it's become very popular on TikTok/in the media. Keeshia has been properly diagnosed and we will do a whole episode where we unpack it at some point.

What do we want when we talk about people having cosmetic procedures? Do we want transparency or does that 'normalise' it to the point of it being promotion?
Is it fair to expect people to buck the trend and 'age' naturally when they also are a product of the societal pressures to remain 'beautiful?'

Plus Laura speaks about the current ebbs and flows of her relationship at the 1 year wedding anniversary mark. We unpack the intimacy paradox and how to keep desire in long term relationships. Is it even possible to expect novelty and spiciness when you also want stability, support and reliability from your partner?

The intimacy paradox article is here

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