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by Corinne Crabtree
Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Fear of Food


I recently spent a week with 20,000 women teaching them how to take control of food.

And I learned two things.

One is that the diet industry has done a good job teaching us how to be terrified of food.

We spend our days thinking...What if I get hungry?

Thank you to all the bat shit crazy diets that convinced us eating 1200 calories a day "was good for us."

And kudos to the diets that said we need to eat every 2-3 hours, tricking us into believing that the way our bodies were designed is all a big fat lie.


Why do you think you have belly chemicals to signal hunger and satisfaction to begin with? The good Lord didn't give those to you because He was bored AF designing you.

Look, you allowing hunger isn't a problem. It's what you make hungry mean that's the problem.

We all make being hungry mean some fucked up shit.

"I'll starve if I don't eat enough."

No, you won't! You might get hungry again and just eat! But at least TEST if you need to eat as much as you THINK you do.

"If I don't eat it all, not only am I "wasting" the food, but I might not get it again for a while!"

Like you ain't ever gonna eat a cheeseburger again for the rest of your life? Come on. And tell me whose belly, other than yours, benefits when you overeat for fear of waste.

The second thing I learned was how terrified people are they can't lose weight.

And when you're afraid, you're stuck making excuses as to why you can't lose weight because you don't want to face your FEARS.

We waste time thinking we don't have time, enough support, or the right conditions to lose weight.

When we could be spending time thinking about why we want it, what we ARE willing to do, the things we are willing to say no to, and the reasons we might be more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

In today's podcast, I talk about these two things. AND you get to listen in as I coach some people on...

What to do when after being on a roll you find yourself off the rails and afraid you can't get back on track.

How to know if you're trying to lose weight using "diet trauma" thinking versus losing weight from challenge and determination.

Good questions to ask yourself when you journal that help you feel better and eat better.

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Episode 233

by Corinne Crabtree