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Love Island: The Morning After

Kai and Sanam take the crown! With all of our finalists!

After eight weeks of love and heartbreak, we finally have our winners! Kai & Sanam chat to Sam & Indiyah in South Africa about taking the crown, their history lessons in bed and the first thing they’re going to spend the £50,000 on. We also hear from Ron & Lana, Tom & Samie and Shaq & Tanya about their time in the villa and what’s next for them all. And as it’s the last episode of the series, Sam and Indiyah look back at their predictions from the first podcast, reflect on what a rollercoaster the past two months have been, and they get in their feels as they discuss their new-found friendship.

Love Island: The Morning After is produced by Listen.
Love Island: The Morning After
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