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MA15+ with Maggie & Alex

1. It All Started With A Dream

MA15+ with Maggie & Alex
MA15+ with Maggie & Alex

Welcome to the first ever episode of MA15+ with Maggie & Alex! No surprise we opted for Hump Day for each episode...In today's episode you can hear our wonderful new hosts introducing themselves and an insight into how MA15+ came together. In typical Mags & Alex fashion they dive straight into the nitty gritty with each other’s 'Red Flags', then share some 'Therapy Chat’s', as well as some naughty recommendations with a side of slight disagreement on shower sex and a special newly discovered segment of 'Is it TOXIC or is it HOT' with a focus on jealousy. So strap in (or strap-on) for a wild ride ahead:

0:58 - 7:44 Introduction
7:49 – 15:19 - Therapy Chats
15:24 – 19:03 - Recommendations
19:07 – 20:38 - Our bonus naughty recommendation from our proud supporter: Lovehoney
20:41 – 24:58 - Maggie tries to sell shower sex
25:00 – 33:43 - Is it TOXIC or is it HOT?

You can find our Naughty Recommendations right here at Lovehoney:

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Thanks for tuning in to MA15+, we will be back for your next Hump Day!

Hosted by Maggie Chretien + Alex Nation

MA15+ acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, where this podcast was recorded, we pay our respects to the elders past, present & emerging.

MA15+ with Maggie & Alex
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