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Magick and Mediums

3 Reasons Why You can't get a Psychic message or Tune in as a Medium or Card Reader

Magick and Mediums
Magick and Mediums

Have you lost your gift...or are they just unreadable?

Have you ever tried to tune into someone as a card reader, psychic or medium and got nothing...dead silence or a blank slate?

Don't worry, you haven't lost your gift!

"NOTHING" may be the message.

There are some people and some situations that just cannot be tapped into and here are 3 reasons why.

Nothing may be the message

In this video, psychic-medium and card deck creator of The Magick and Mediums Oracle, The Slavic Oracle and The Golden Light Oracle, Anielle Reid shares her insights into why even professional psychics are denied information or just receive NOTHING as the message to their clients.

1. The person is warded and protected

Some people especially those with a religious and spiritual background heavily protect themselves, making their energy field impenetrable to those that aren't granted permission. Protections like:

  • protective talismans
  • the evil eye
  • spiritual guides
  • mojo bags
  • lit protection candles
  • a protective familiar
  • protective wards
  • archangels of protection like Archangel Michael
  • and strong sigils

create a forcefield around the person and protect them from wandering eyes, astral travelers and psychic spies.

2. Getting more information is none of your business

Learning more about a situation or person may not serve your highest goals and interests so your own intuition and guides are protecting you by not allowing you to delve deeper. If you are a particular lightworker or love and light being, tuning into politics and celebrity gossip may just be a distraction and a waste of your abilities which are here for you to do more than be nosey.

3. The actual "nothingness" is a reflection of the person's energy and the message.

Seeing nothing and feeling nothing could be the message. For example, if you see and feel nothing the spiritual meaning of seeing nothing could be:

  • the guide that is coming through is blind
  • a person is devoid of feelings
  • one is feeling like there is nothing in the world for them
  • someone is thoughtless or airy

In one session I had with a client who merely provided the name of someone with no context I kept on seeing the color black and was getting nothing but silence, a dead silence.

At the time I thought I just couldn't get a message about the person, but it turned out that the person was dead.

Getting no visual and no sound was the message.

The lack of anything showed that there was no life- the nothingness was the message.

The nothingness signified the person's death.

In mediumship everything is a message...even the nothingness.

If you frequently receive confusing answers or nothing it may just be that your decks and divination tools are not working for you. The Magick and Mediums deck and The Slavic Oracle are oracle decks specifically designed to work with your intuition to provide answers from spiritual guides and ancestors.

Magick and Mediums
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