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Magick and Mediums

I accidently conjured sex demons with candle magic

Magick and Mediums
Magick and Mediums

Have you ever thought that you were sleeping with the devil?

You very well could have been or at least have been intimate with a sex demon.

In this video, psychic-medium and card deck creator of The Magick and Mediums Oracle, The Slavic Oracle and The Golden Light Oracle, Anielle Reid shares how she accidently conjured sex demons so you can know how to summon them yourself but most importantly, learn how to spot a demon in your life.

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The tells of a sex demon, incubus and succubus may vary but here are 3 signs of a sex demon that you shouldn't ignore:

1. The person tells you straight forwardly or in a joke.

It is believed that demons cannot lie about who they are when asked. So, if you think someone is a demon just ask them and see what they say. When I asked one particular "man" he jokingly told me he was related to Beelzebub.

Always believe people when they tell you who they are.

2. They attract bugs, insects and other critters.

It is believed that beings attracted to filth and sulfur are attracted to demons. So, if you see flies around them or other "beings of the underworld around them" (whether that be snakes, roaches or ominous signs) be wary.

3. They are vile and evil

Some demons can be a lot of fun but most are just dirty and foul. If the person just emits negative energy and exhibits some vile behavior like being :

  • incredibly proud
  • vengeful
  • angry
  • selfish
  • rude
  • cunning
  • encouraging of bad and petty behavior

they may be a demon.

You may think that they are just a narcissist, but the truth can be that they are much worse ;)

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4. They are dirty and foul

These demons don't have to be limited to having just have a foul attitude and demeanor. They can be downright nasty too. If this person has horrible hygiene:

  • smelly breath
  • dirty hands
  • bad habits like having their unclean hands in their mouth or putting their hands in foul places before touching you
  • a messy eater especially when it comes to loving meat

they may be a sex demon.

If you are curious about conjuring or banishing any demons or beings from other worlds get our decks, specifically, The Magick and Mediums Oracle. This deck is specifically designed to address you and your demons.

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