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Marathon Talk

E1: Kipchoge’s New WR, Standouts from Back-to-Back Races, and Race Director Hugh Brasher on London Marathon’s Highlights

Marathon Talk
Marathon Talk

Berlin brought us a monumental new World Record from Kipchoge, and London saw some absolute standout performances, and if you missed any of it then Martin & Deena have you covered this week!

We’re also lucky enough to speak to the Race Director of last week’s London Marathon about the biggest moments, huge changes to the event this year, and looking ahead to 2023.

Alexandria Williams catches us up on her recent back-to-back races, and how the rousing support of the marathon community continues to drive her towards that 6 Star finish.

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Berlin Marathon highlights, including Kipchoge’s huge new World Record
  • 11:30 - Deena’s incredible experience in Berlin
  • 29:30 - Standout performances from last week’s exhilarating London Marathon
  • 38:00 - In-depth interview with TCS London Marathon Race Director, Hugh Brasher
  • 1:07:00 - Alexandria Williams’ back-to-back races en route to her 6 Star finish
  • 1:19:00 - Insights from our 6 questions for a 6 Star finisher, and what’s in store for Martin & Deena

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Marathon Talk
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