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Marathon Talk

E12: Dr Steve Sigmund - Guinness World Record Setter and ER Hospitalist

Marathon Talk
Marathon Talk

Tokyo was an exhilarating weekend of marathon racing, with a remarkable Guinness World Record to boot - never have more 6 Star Finishers been crowned in a single race!

Being a part of that record is a privilege that Dr Steve Sigmund experienced, and we chat to him on Marathon Talk this week to understand his heartwarming journey to that finish line.

Beyond the 3,000 new 6 Star Finishers, we cover the spectacular sprint finish, more preparation tips for your next spring marathon, national record-breaking runs, and so much more…

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Deena’s preparation (or lack thereof) for Paris and Martin’s parkrun gains

  • 9:40 - Rounding up Tokyo’s staggering runs and sprint finishes, plus a look at Eilish McColgan’s chances in the TCS London Marathon next month

  • 24:50 - Training Talk: we’re guiding you towards a spring marathon, looking at speed sessions in your final 6 week runup

  • 31:00 - Deena talks to the incredible Dr Stephen Sigmund, who balanced emergency work with training, and joined the world record breaking Tokyo race to achieve his 6 Star Finish

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Marathon Talk
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