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Marathon Talk

E5: Gina Little, The World’s Oldest Female 6 Star Finisher

Marathon Talk
Marathon Talk

Gina Little is a true inspiration, and a lesson in longevity, having achieved her 6 Star Finisher’s medal at 77 years young! She carries with her the true spirit of the sport, and stories of such a strong running community.

We hear from Gina having completed her 602nd marathon, plus a roundup of stories including the life-saving marathoner, an intriguing sub-3:30 time set while chain smoking, and how to use cross country in your spring marathon build up.

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Deena’s recent Mammoth Turkey Trot, and the World Cup rivalry across the pond
  • 7:30 - A roundup of a remarkable chain smoking marathoner, real life superhero saving two lives in the Monterey Half Marathon, a huge incident in Troy, and how to use cross country in your marathon prep
  • 21:20 - The oldest 6 Star Finisher, Gina Little, on her 600+ marathons, affinity to London’s race, and the secrets to her longevity
  • 51:10 - 6 questions for a 6 Star Finisher, and looking forward to the holidays with the 12-day Christmas Tree running challenge

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Marathon Talk
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