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Marathon Talk

E7: Preparing for Running Success in 2023

Marathon Talk
Marathon Talk

You don’t need to have set personal best times this year to find a success story, and it’s those success stories that’ll help drive you to glory in 2023.

The year’s end marks a wonderful time for Martin and Deena to look back over 2022, and help you use your highlights, achievements, struggles and ambitions to plan for a marvellous year ahead!

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 7:30: How Deena reflected on her performances during her most successful seasons
  • 10:45: The questions you should ask yourself to extract the most value from the past year
  • 26:15: Projecting forward and setting your sights on success in 2023
  • 31:20: A very special 6 Questions for a 6 Star Finisher
  • 32:50: Highlighting the staggering number of national records set this year, and wrapping up the running year

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Marathon Talk
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