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Marathon Talk

E9: Gary Laybourne, AWMM Age Group World Champion

Marathon Talk
Marathon Talk

For anyone needing inspiration to smash a PB this year, the story of the 2022 AWMM 40-44 Age Group World Champion is one to behold.

The race was only Gary Laybourne’s fourth marathon, and he came home in a stellar 2:21:07 - it’s a privilege to hear from him on this week’s Marathon Talk, as he shares his background in triathlon, and the training that helped him fulfil his potential.

Also in episode 9, it’s time to build patient progress in February if you’re lining up an April race, we cover some record breaking news from two incredible Aussies, and mull over a shocking start to the recent Valencia 10k.

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Cold running essentials, the shocking start to Valencia’s recent 10k, two Australian women’s new records, and much more
  • 17:20 - Training Talk, covering the lead up to a spring race with a look at how your February, March and April should be shaping up and where to focus
  • 25:30 - A conversation with the AWMM Age Group World Champion, Gary Laybourne about his remarkable entry into the marathon scene, charitable work with Coach Core, and specific sessions that help him maximise his potential
  • 48:40 - Rounding up the episode with a look at the new Majors magazine

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Marathon Talk
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