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by Dr. Wendy Walsh
Mating Matters

Allo Parents with the Grande Dame!


Dr. Wendy's sick (yeah, right). I'm not buying it. I think she just wanted to pull one of her favorite interviews of all time with her personal and professional hero, primatologist and anthropologist, Dr. Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. You've heard her name mentioned in many episodes where Dr. Wendy talks about allo parents (Survival of the Gayest and Mother's MILFs and Wives Parts 1 and 2, and others). Allo parents are all the people who help a child grow, stay safe and flourish. Lots of people are allo parents and don't even know it: grandmothers, aunts, uncles, teachers, neighbors, mommy's girlfriends, etc. These people are so important in human evolution, Dr. Hrdy and Dr. Walsh both think there should be an Allo Parents Day. The interview was broadcast on KFI AM640, an iHeart radio station in Los Angeles. The Dr. Wendy Walsh Show is every Sunday, 4:00-6:00 PM PST and on the iHeart Radio App. Call the Mating Matters Message Line: 323-207-8277.



by Dr. Wendy Walsh