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by Dr. Wendy Walsh
Mating Matters

Casual Sex, Attachment and Our...Strange...Sex Ed


Dr. Wendy is hard at work on an episode called Fantasies and Fetishes where she talks to sex researcher Justin Lehmiller from the world famous Kinsey Institute. That episode is coming soon, but in the meantime there was a lot more they talked about that was too good to hoard, like his research on "friends with benefits" and the US' super lackluster sex education policy. No wonder porn is so popular, he says! Dr. Wendy also adds some other studies to the mix.

But really, what Dr. Wendy wants is for you to call our Mating Matters message line (323-207-8277) or email us a voice memo (matingmatters@iheartmedia.com) to tell her what you fantasize about or have a special "attachment" to -- i.e. fetish. Names are confidential. Talk to us!



by Dr. Wendy Walsh