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by The Brand is Female
Matriarch Movement

Cheyenne Leskanic: a different approach to recovery


Cheyenne Leskanic is of Mvskoke, Italian & Scottish ancestry and she is the founder of Three Medicines Longhouse & Three Medicines Birth. With a little over a decade of experience as a Yoga teacher, and as many years of recovery from substance addiction behind her, Cheyenne has made it her purpose to live in integrity and to create places of connection for all people. Drawing on her own experience, she is also a drug and alcohol abuse counsellor who has brought wellness programs into schools, halfway houses, rehab centres & studios. She is also focused on honouring her Mvskoke heritage and works to protect tribal sovereignty while also integrating intersectional partnerships with All Our Relations on this land. Finally, she is a mom of four, and a wife. Cheyenne spoke to host Shayla Oulette Stonechild about her experience with addiction, and how her work today is to teach what she wished she was taught.


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Episode 6

Season 1

by The Brand is Female