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by The Brand is Female
Matriarch Movement

Jordan Marie Daniel: running for justice and visibility


“It’s because Indigenous people are constantly fighting our own erasure. The stereotypes that exist out there portray a certain image or behaviour about us that was chosen for us and not by us. Representation matters so much whether it’s from storytelling, through filmmaking — that way we don’t have harmful stories, narrative, perpetual violence cycles or harmful insensitive language being perpetuated about us in the film world. We don’t need another story like Pocahontas.”

Jordan Brings Three White Horses Daniel is Kul Wicasa Lakota, a citizen of the Kul Wicasa Oyate, also known as the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. As a passionate advocate for her Indigenous relatives and communities, she founded the organization Rising Hearts through which she is fighting for justice and visibility as it intersects across all movements of climate, racial, social, and economic justice. Rising Hearts aims to dismantle white supremacy and racism, rebuild a better future and elevating Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian, Immigrant, Muslim, Jewish, Two Spirits, LGBTQ+ & non-binary voices and relatives with disabilities.

Jordan is also a professional athlete, and as a fourth-generation runner, she has given her running a new purpose: to raise awareness and draw support for the initiatives she believes in -- currently, this includes bringing awareness for the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

In this conversation with host Shayla Oulette Stonechild, Jordan speaks about her approach to wellness and connecting with her Indigenous culture and community and she addresses the importance of our relationship to the land, and of Indigenous communities’ roles as guardians of it for the future of mankind, and of our planet.


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