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by The Brand is Female
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Megan Tipler: teaching Indigenous excellence


Host Shayla Oulette Stonechild speaks with Megan Tipler, a Métis, Edmonton-based educator and artist who believes in the power of representation, and of teaching Indigenous success. Last summer, when her classes moved online due to COVID-19, she came up with an idea to profile some of the people who inspire her most. Megan completed 30 illustrations, one for each day of Indigenous History Month, and posted the illustrations online throughout the summer, along with a biography outlining her subject’s respective achievements. “Bringing in much more representative text really pushes kids to consider an experience outside their own.”

Megan is also a member of the Nîsohkamâkewin Council, an Indigenous-led advisory focused on systemic change in Edmonton’s Police Service. With Indigenous children making up over 50% of the foster care population across Canada and 70% in Alberta; and Indigenous prisoners representing over 30% of incarcerations in the country (that figure being higher too in the Prairies), she believes schools are a microcosm of society where the interconnectedness of systems of oppression cannot be ignored, and she hopes that the voices of Indigenous peoples will be heard to create lasting change.


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