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by The Brand is Female
Matriarch Movement

Nahanni Fontaine: the matriarchy in power for the people


This episode features host Shayla Oulette Stonechild in conversation with Nahanni Fontaine, a Canadian politician, MLA with the NDP in Manitoba, public speaker, advocate, and Indigenous Matriarch, about last week's erasure and censorship of posts about Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and 2-spirit by Instagram. In this raw conversation, Nahanni also opens up about her journey, with no details off limits, because the past makes the present. Listen as she shares her previous struggles with addiction, and recounts the life-changing encounter with an elder who helped reset her course by making her realize the power of her Indigenous lineage. Shayla and her guest also discuss colonization and systemic racism; the work Nahanni does with and for Indigenous women; and why she's unapologetic in her fight for equality and change through politics and policy, including the defence of #MMIWG2S. Trigger warning: this conversation contains discussion of drug addiction, and overdose.

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Episode 9

Season 1

by The Brand is Female