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Meghan McCain Has Entered The Chat

Episode 3: Congressman George Santos: Agent of Chaos

Meghan welcomes New York Congressman George Santos into the studio for a very personal in-depth interview. He opens up about his marriage and how he met his husband, whether they want to have children, and how they've handled their lives changing so drastically. Meghan also gets the details about *that* drag pic and the real story about his life when he was young, wild, and free. You don't want to miss this wide ranging conversation about everything you've ever wanted to know about the most fascinating Congressman... ever!

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the announcement of this podcast, the goal is to offer a safe environment for people of all backgrounds. While we may not agree with everything they say here or have done, we believe they should have the opportunity to share their side of the story. Plenty of reputable reporters and publications have interviewed controversial elected officials, even those with charges against them. We plan to do the same so we as listeners and critical thinkers have the chance to make our own choices on how to view them.
Meghan McCain Has Entered The Chat
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