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Meteor City

Season 1 Finale | Make It Through


Season 1 Finale

Please be advised.

Trigger Warnings: Sounds of physical and emotional distress. Sounds of vomiting and physical pain.

An anxious Bianca seeks help to find the whereabouts of a frequent hotline caller, Richard. She visits Officer McKee and learns some shocking news.

Overwhelmed, Bianca feels like she is trying to hold everything together with very little luck. Violently ill and terrified, Bianca reaches out to the people she has met since her time back in Meteor City, they come to her aid just in time.


Thank you for listening to Season 1 of Meteor City. This has been one hell of a journey. We appreciate your patience through this. Thanks for stickin’ around. We learned so much throughout this process of creating and producing a show and truly appreciate the support.

Meteor City will be back for Season 2. In the meantime, please make sure to follow us on Twitter & Instagram @meteorcitypod

Meteor City is a Wrightwood Studios production.

Meteor City was created and produced by Madelyn Dorta

Sound Editing by Ernesto Valentin

Sound Design and Score by Angel Dorta

To learn more about us and view transcripts, please visit www.wrightwoodstudios.com


A special thanks to Daisy Guevara as Bianca Diaz

Jarred Worley as Wes Campbell

Elijah Gabriel as Deon Dixon

Shaundria as ‘D’

Madelyn Dorta as Crystal Mendoza

Cole Burkhardt as Trina

Leslie Gideon as Bethany Cain-Campbell

Alicia Atkins as Tonya

Alexander Hammet as RJ Taylor

Sam Kim as Antoine Kim

Angel Dorta as Officer McKee

Sandra Espinoza as Gloria Diaz

Another HUGE shoutout to our featured artist this season. Lewis Knudsen. You heard only a few of Lewis’s incredible music and if you would like to hear more, you can find him here >> Lewis Knudsen

Once again, thank you for listening to Meteor City, we will be back next year!