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Don't Make These Weight Loss Mistakes: Interview with Fasting Guru Gin Stephens

Paul is joined by Gin Stevens, an expert on intermittent fasting and author of several books on the subject. They discuss the confusion and contradictions surrounding fasting, as well as the importance of understanding how to properly implement fasting for optimal results.

Gin shares her personal journey with fasting, from being a serial dieter to finding success with intermittent fasting. She explains the concept of intermittent fasting and its various approaches, such as time-restricted eating. They also delve into the health benefits of fasting, including lowered inflammation and increased autophagy

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  • Intermittent fasting involves extending the period of time when you're not eating, and it can be a lifestyle approach to improve health and lose weight.
  • Fasting has various health benefits, including lowering inflammation, promoting autophagy (the body's recycling and upcycling system), and improving metabolic flexibility.
  • Clean fasting refers to avoiding anything that can raise insulin levels during the fasting period, such as sweeteners, creamers, and protein sources.
  • During the fasting period, you can have plain water and black coffee, as the bitter flavour profile of coffee does not trigger an insulin response.
  • Intermittent fasting can lead to changes in taste preferences and a shift towards healthier food choices over time.


"Fasting is anti-inflammatory. It lowers that state to the level that is healthy instead of that unhealthy high level."

"Your body is not going to flip the metabolic switch to burning your own fat if it has other fuel sources coming in."

"You're going to feel so much better without it. And you just hold your nose and drink it black until suddenly you no longer have to hold your nose."

"Real food is always going to be better for your body. The higher quality our food, the better."


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